Solar Electricity & Hot Water  



Designed at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia - the 3 in 1 Technique Solar Module (TSM) generates both electricity and hot water - all energy collected is used - not fed back into the grid and wasted like other systems.
A PV Panel and a Hot Water Service in one!
Find out how to save money & add immediate value to your home!

The 3 in 1 Technique Solar Module (TSM) enables an end user to reduce energy consumed from traditional sources by up to 60%.


The TSM delivers energy when households require it, and not when they don’t – providing for significant energy cost reductions.  Read more >>

About Technique Solar

The Technique Solar team is committed to providing superior energy solutions to households and industry.  Originally born out of RMIT, the Technique Solar Module (TSM) technology has been developed over the past decade with the vision of delivering a substantial portion of energy use through solar energy.

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