About Us

Technique Solar Ltd (Technique Solar) was incorporated in 2003 with the aim of delivering affordable and efficient solar energy for the world-wide market.
Our Company

Technique Solar is an unlisted public company.  It is with thanks to our investors that we have succesfully commenced rolling out our game-changing Technique Solar Modules (TSMs), which combine electrical energy, heat energy and energy storage for both residential and commercial markets.  Read more >>

Intellectual Property

Technique Solar has Patents registered and/or pending in all target markets for the Technique Solar Module.  Read more about the IP around the product suite, here >>

Meet the Team

Meet the team that is focused on delivering superior solar technology to our customers.


Read about our Board of Directors, here >> | Read about our Engineering and Technical team here >>

Our Vision and Mission

Technique Solar is driven by the vision of rolling out the TSM throughout Australia and international markets.  We'd like to see a substantial portion of our target market generating electricity from usable solar energy.