Engineering and technical team

Our engineering and technical team has a deep seated knowledge of concentrated photovoltatic technology and power engineering.  Each member noted below has been heavily involved in the development of the Technique Solar Module, and delivers the focus required to provide outstanding service to families and industry.
Heng Kah Chong,
Chief Engineer 

Heng Kah Chong has over 10 years experience in the semi-conductor manufacturing industry.  He has been responsible for electronic engineering from development stage through to validation, qualification, implementation and release to the consumer.  In many of his roles, he has also had the responsibility to ensure a quality controlled product through testing and performance analysis.


Heng has worked as an engineer in many of the world’s markets – most recently including Singapore, Taiwan, China, Germany and the United States.  He speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa.


In addition to his specific role as a Project Engineer engaged with the development and distribution of the TSM, Heng is also responsible for Technique Solar's Supply Chain Management activities as well as the direct interaction with its Chinese based Licensees. The fact that he is multi-lingual has proven invaluable in the company’s activities throughout Asia. 


He has a sound knowledge of all forms of solar technology. This knowledge is put to good use assessing new and emerging technologies, as well as in contributing to enhancements of the existing TSM technology. 


Dennis Thoroughgood,
Inventor and Technical Advisor

Dennis is the inventor of the original Technique Solar technology concept, developed as part of his Masters in Engineering Research Degree while a student at RMIT University.


Dennis provides ongoing technical support and consultancy to Technique Solar as needed.