Save money and make money


The National Appraisal Institute in the USA has found that for every $1,000 saved in annual energy costs from renewable sources, $20,000 is added to the value of the home.


“Over a 15 year period, the TSM can save the average household up to $52,895 with a recoupment period of three to five years”


According to a study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, installing standard solar panels can add between 3 and 4% value to a home.  The TSM combines super efficient solar panels with a hot water tank / storage solution, which means not only more value can be ascribed to the home, but more cost is shaved off the household energy bill.


The TSM should be compared with a quality 4kW PV panel system with appropriately matched energy storage, albeit substantially less roof space is required.


Using the Clean Energy Council and various industry participants as a guide (and ignoring one off specials), the price range to supply, install and commission a quality 4kW PV panel system with properly matched electrical energy storage would be in the vicinity of $23,000 plus GST, much higher than the cost of a TSM.


Financial benefits of a TSM: 


  • Locks in energy tariff at a figure as low as $0.09per kWh (avoiding future increases)

  • Tariffs could be as high as $0.81 per kWh during the life of the TSM  

  • Savings of up to $52,895 over the life of the TSM 

  • Immediate increase in the value of your property



  • Tariff increases 6% p.a.

  • Feed in tariff remains at $0.06 - 0.08 per kWh