Finance solutions

While the cost of energy is on the rise, Australian interest rates are decreasing, and this combination makes renewable energy an attractive proposition for residential, commercial and industrial users.


In the US, ever increasing numbers of consumers are turning to utilising their existing home mortgage facility to cover the capital cost of installing solar systems. This approach has the effect of spreading the upfront cost over the life of the mortgage, a cost well and truly covered by:


  1. The annual saving in energy bills

  2. The increased value of the home by virtue of having a renewable energy system installed (removes the concern of making an investment in a solar system and selling the home in the short/medium term)


Technique Solar is working with financing partners aiming to provide customers access to a range of finance packages.  


These partners are able to access the latest and lowest interest rates in the market from a panel of lenders.  They offer personal service and genuine advice, and are available to discuss your requirements today.


If you have an interest in financing a TSM purchase, please contact Technique Solar and a financing expert will be in touch.