Intellectual Property

Technique Solar has Patents registered and/or pending in all target markets for the Technique Solar Module.


The Patents specifically cover the concentration lens that was designed and developed by Technique Solar, including the role the lens performs in maximising the energy generation of the system. 


It is intentional that the Patent(s) registration does not include significant Intellectual Knowledge and Knowhow of the functionality of the Technique Solar Module. There is substantial IP in the way the various parts of the system interact and operate, which would make it almost impossible to successfully reverse engineer the Technique Solar Module.


In addition, there are security mechanisms embedded in the Technique Solar Module Control System (developed and owned by Technique Solar), that would restrict a Technique Solar Module from operating without the input of Technique Solar.


Patent Attorneys


All Patent and Trade Mark matters relating to Technique Solar and the Technique Solar Module are handled by leading International IP Attorneys Davies Collison Cave (DCC).


DCC’s history goes back more than 130 years and they are highly regarded in the industry.