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Technique Solar is an unlisted public company.  It is with thanks to a visionary group of ~200 shareholders that we are now rolling out the TSM technology into the global marketplace.

Company name 


Technique Solar Limited 


Business description


Technique Solar is an unlisted public company.  It is with thanks to our investors that the Company has succesfully commenced rolling out its game-changing Technique Solar Modules (TSMs), which combine electrical energy, heat energy and energy storage for residential, commercial and industrial markets.  


Unlike conventional PV, the TSM delivers energy during the two peak household energy consumption periods. Its unique heat energy storage system allows for energy draw-down to be matched to demand.  Read more detail on the technology, here >>


As from May 2015, Technique Solar has commenced offering financing options for its residential, commercial and industrial customers via fully accredited financing partners.  Read more about financing, here >>


Shares on issue


Technique Solar has around 200 shareholders, and a total of approximately 68 million shares on issue.  




Dan Taylor - read bio >>

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Investment Opportunities


Investment opportunities are still available for further development and growth.

Contact: Investor Relations at Technique Solar Ltd




Technique Solar is located at Nunawading in Victoria.  Contact us >>