Residential applications

Technique Solar is now installing Technique Solar Modules for clients across a range of industries and applications, some of which are highlighted below.  We are delivering systems directly, and via distribution partners.


Talk to us today to discover how you can use the TSM to achieve a superior return on investment, and an immediate reduction in your energy bills.

Residential housing

Most home construction in Australia has environmental requirements relating to energy generation.


The cost of a retrofitted TSM or a TSM absorbed into the total build cost for a new home will provide the customer with increased energy ratings and a fixture/feature that will provide significant ongoing financial savings.

Social housing

The tenancy profile in this sector provides a significant market opportunity for the distribution of the TSM. 


Continuously rising energy costs are severely impacting the vast majority of the Affordable & Housing Sector clientele.    


Read about one of our recent social housing successes, here.