The Directors of Technique Solar were first introduced to a concept for a revolutionary solar energy solution at Melbourne’s RMIT University in 2003. 
Technique Solar financially supported the PhD student inventor’s development of the concept during an initial Research & Development phase at the University, which eventually led to early prototypes that were installed and successfully tested at a number of sites in and around Melbourne.


In 2009, the Engineering Team from RMIT, including the original concept inventor, joined the employ of Technique Solar on a full time basis.


This group, as well as those technical experts that have been added since, form the nucleus of the Research & Development and Technical Team at Technique Solar. 



Above: Wind tunnel testing of TSM1 at Monash University


Over 10 years, more than $10 million has been spent perfecting what has turned out to be a solar energy system at the cutting-edge of solar technology anywhere in the world. Now known as the Technique Solar Module (TSM), this hybrid system has never been available before.


Funded by a visionary group of just over 200 investors, significant improvements have been achieved in the very high efficiency levels produced. The patented technology enables a home owner with a TSM to reduce energy consumed from traditional sources by up to 60%.


Unlike traditional PV, the TSM control system substantially reduces the negative impact that continual temperature variances have on photovoltaic cells.  


The TSM is also scalable for numerous commercial and industrial applications, opening up many alternative markets. It was launched into the Australia market in late 2014/early 2015. 


In addition to a substantial opportunity in Australia, Technique Solar has over the past 4-5 years established qualified interest in the technology from over 60 countries.