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Healthy Homes-Channel 10 - Feb 2016

                "Tracks the SUN!!!"

Forget painting and new curtains, there is one thing certain to add value to
your home
  May 9, 2015

A new survey has revealed adding solar panels is what makes your home more valuable.


The survey for Origin Energy, done through, revealed 85 per cent of respondents believed solar rooftop panels increased the value of a property.

Technique Solar Modules to enter SA

Josephine Lim, March 31 2015


SOUTH Australian companies are looking to bring in a new form of solar technology for residential homes and potentially manufacture the equipment in Adelaide.

Hi-tech rooftop panels can reduce power bills

John Beveridge, March 13 2015


Initially developed at RMIT University in Melbourne, this revolutionary new roof top technology combines electricity generation with the production of hot water. A PV panel system and a hot water system in one!

John Keating interviewed by Beyond Zero Emissions

Matthew and Anthony, July 16 2012


The Technique Solar Module (TSM) supplies both heat energy (hot water) and electrical energy (Photovoltaics); and is an Australian-born example of the combined PV-T technology that has been featured on Beyond Zero radio in 2012. 

A simple way to quadruple PV solar power technologies

Darius Snieckus, November 25 2012


Start-up says it can boost output fourfold by combining photovoltaic, solar-thermal and lens technologies, reports Darius Snieckus