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From a commercial perspective, any property that has a requirement for electrical energy and heat energy (hot water) would be suitable for a TSM installation


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Key features of the Technique Solar Module include:


  • The Technique Solar Module delivers electrical energy, heat energy and energy storage (heat energy is currently stored as hot water in a hot water tank provided as part of the Technique Solar system).

  • A tracking system enables the Technique Solar Module to capture 40% more direct sunlight than traditional PV solar systems.

  • The Technique Solar Module has a uniquely designed lens which multiplies this direct sunlight  onto heat exchangers by a factor of 3-4 times.

  • The unique design of the Technique Solar Module lens also means that energy outputs are not signifcantly affected by dirt, bird droppings, shading or extreme heat.

  • By recirculating water through the Technique Solar Module heat exchanging array, a uniform temperature is maintained throughout the cells. This uniform temperature avoids the continued degeneration of efficiency that impacts traditional PV solar systems.

  • This additional stored heat energy can be utilised after the sun goes down (note: without the use of inefficient and expensive storage systems, traditional PV solar systems are rendered useless after the sun goes down and before the sun comes up).

  • Heat energy driven air-conditioners will eventually be able to utilise the heat energy produced by the Technique Solar Module.



As a result of the tracking, the unique lens, the recirculating water and heat storage, the Technique Solar Module produces a conversion rate of approximately 70% compared to 15%-18% for traditional PV solar systems.


There are various installation options for the Technique Solar Module to accommodate flat roof, pitched roof, wall and ground mounting and it is scalable for commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality use.